Brand Design

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Brand Design

A Brand is what they think of you.
Branding is the process of determining WHAT they think of you.
And it all starts with “why.” Why did you build this business? What do you want to give the world? What do you want people to say when they hear the name of your business? What’s your vision? These are some of the questions that are asked when the Brand image needs to be designed. Any kind of business, like an e-commerce, offers not only products or services.

It mainly offers experience to its client. The technologies and tools available today in e-business can be impressive but at the end of the day the Brand is what people remember from you. What binds the heart of a business’s customers and helps maintain the customer loyalty.
The creation of a Brand begins with its visualization. A strong Brand combines the design and the message it wants to convey so as to provoke emotion and follow a strategy. It transfers the value of the business to employees and customers. When a company balances carefully with these elements, the Brand name is reinforced in everything else that the company does, leading to sales, marketing and maintenance performance.

The Brand is not just a name and logo manufacture. It includes colors, labels, messages, graphics, patterns, typography and placement against competitors, which together determine what makes the Brand special. On top of this, MEDUSA offers logo-making services, consumer message definition for all the aforementioned data to ensure that the Online Brand experience is understood and attracts all the audiences that interest it.

Upon this methodology and with extensive experience in the field of Brand Design, MEDUSA offers the following services for companies operating in ecommerce:

  • Logo design and manufacture (Logo Design)
  • Design and manufacture of corporate identity (Brand Identity)