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The e-commerce development for a Brand is not its web presence with an isolated strategy, nor simply an online trading platform of its products. Initially it is the image and its function for the future which results in a new relationship with its customers.







For e-commerce


Brand Design

The sum of the data captured in the consumer’s memory for the business.


Strategy & Design

The e-commerce development is based on 3 pillars. The needs of the visitor, the ideal UX (User Experience) that will help him and the competitive advantage of the Brand.



The development standards ensure high ranking in the search engines, while the modern design ensures the uniqueness and the ideal presentation of your products.



The continuous development of online sales technology and the demands of your customers, now makes it necessary to continuously & uninterrupted support at a technical and cognitive level.


Digital Marketing

We set together the target of your business with preset smaller targets, we recommend the appropriate budget and follow the appropriate promotion channels in Digital Marketing.

Want your own online store?

The approach OF MEDUSA

Online Shopping is a challenge more intense than ever. The customers expect the Online Βrands to simplify their user journey (journey of the user until they have the desired product in their hands) as long as possible and at the same time offer them strong moments that amaze them and inspire them for the Relationship they want to have with them. On the other hand, the needs of businesses active in e-Commerce are not limited to their presence online with the possibility of online transactions with their customers.

The vision of MEDUSA in e-Commerce is based on the simplicity and empowerment of emotion bridging the goals of the business with the expectations of the consumer. By working collaboratively on each project, we simplify every process of user/consumer interaction with the online Brand and enhance its overall experience. We achieve this by introducing the characteristics of human behavior into the process, based on numerical data. The result is a Brand from which people want to buy Online.

Eshop Construction subsidy with 50

The action “digital Step” aims to subsidise micro, small and medium enterprises to create an online store – eshop, fully functional in Mobile, in 2 languages, in addition covers the hosting of eshop and the advertisement of On the Internet: Social Media and Google Ads. The subsidy will be in 50, while the evaluation process will be done by objective criteria and by ranking the companies in four digital tiers.

The subsidized budget of each investment project ranges from 7,000 euro to 50,000 euro and a prerequisite for participation of the potential beneficiary in the action will be to submit an investment plan that will lead to a minimum of a higher digital Tier than the initial classification, unless it is already ranked at the highest tier.