Online Marketing

Increase your sales with online advertising!

Now, it’s the time we deal with online advertising or in other words advertising on the internet and advertising on Social Media. From traditional advertising media (television, radio, magazines etc) we have gone to a time when we are talking about Likes, reviews, notifications, followers, organic resonance, ranking in Google, paid reach etc.

The new ways of online advertising on Social media and Google are considerably more economical than traditional media but require specific expertise and knowledge in order to achieve the goal of any Business.

Therefore, to get active through online advertising you need a specific goal, for example to become known in the city you are interested in, to increase your sales through targeted online advertising on Facebook and Google, create a solid online customer base etc.

The stages for the correct and effective online advertising offered by the specialized team of Medusa are mainly:

Online Advertising Plan

To be able to operate online through your e-commerce store or to make your business known to another online marketplace, you will need to define together a clear target and an integrated online advertising plan that you will know the duration from the beginning and the ad amount for Facebook, Google, Instagram and the other appropriate online promotion channels that may help you.

Digital & Social Media Campaigns

After we define your business goal and online advertising plan , we undertake the design, implementation, monitoring of budget and results and optimisation of online advertising campaigns exclusively for your business!


Facebook & Instagram
Online Ad Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with pixels and specialized ways to make business known and sell online.


Google Ads

Online advertising campaigns at Google with keywords to achieve online sales (Search network), with banners on related sites with your business (Display network) and online advertising with Video and specialized network that will follow the user Advertising your site/eshop (remarketing)


Email Marketing

Design and send your newsletters to your customer list in order to sell online and develop a stable clientele with the latest tools.


Linkedin ads

Specialized Online advertising on the Linkedin network exclusively for professionals interested in promoting their services (mainly for B2b).

Give your business the boost it needs to stand out!

Training in Social Media

After we define the integrated online advertising plan and the goal of your own business, we undertake training in social Media for you and your company/ e-commerce employees through personalised seminars aiming at the proper management of social media, mainly on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter etc. In order to maintain a decent professional online presence in accordance with your business goals.

Training is required to learn to use Social Media correctly not for your personal use but to increase your clientele in your online store and in your physical store.


* Personalized training in Social Media can be done and regardless of plan online advertising in a 3-4 hour tutorial to learn how from a post you can sell!

Improve Online Advertising Results

After completing each online advertising campaign, we send you a monthly and total Report that includes the clicks, impressions, the amount we spent on advertising media but statistics that will help Next online ads.

Our goal is with the lowest promotional budget possible, i.e. the ad you pay on Facebook, Instagram, Google to achieve the maximum results for your business.


You should not forget that the results of the new online advertising channels in relation to the traditional media (TV etc.) are measurable and evaluated daily by our specialized team to increase the Your share of the Agoras!