Innoval U.S.A.

Brand & Web Design

Project Description

Innoval is a distinguished firm that excels in the sector of window construction and consulting services, serving the vibrant city of Philadelphia in the United States.

MEDUSA played a pivotal role in developing the brand’s visual communication strategy, encompassing the creation of a captivating logo, establishment of a compelling corporate identity, and the meticulous design of print collateral to enhance the company’s brand image.

Last but not least, MEDUSA undertook the responsibility of crafting a cutting-edge website and orchestrating an impactful social media presence to amplify Innoval’s digital footprint.



Innoval S.A.

Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Corporate Design
Website Design
Social Media Design

Project implementation

Brand Building - Brand Strategy

First, a study was conducted on the market and the positioning of the brand, including
competitor analysis, comparative advantage analysis, and customer persona research. Then,
a brand story was created, and a communication and promotion strategy for the business
was defined.

Visual Communication - Brand Design

The general concept of the brand allowed us to visualize the concepts of modern design,
construction, and minimal premium. The color palette chosen was based on shades of navy
blue in specific Pantone codes. Graphic elements were then designed for the corporate
identity and print materials using the same logic.

Web Design

In the design phase of the website, relevant research was carried out regarding the image of the brand against its competition in the Philadelphia market, the target audience, the style it seeks to have. A study of the services (consulting and study) and solutions (products) offered to architects and property owners and, in general, the characteristics of the target market was then carried out.

Particular emphasis was placed on the aesthetic part following the design philosophy of Logo. The ideal User Experience was defined through the proper navigation of the use and the User Interface was designed that would help in the best User Experience. The necessary adaptations were made for mobile devices and then a special emphasis was placed on the content area to rank as well as possible on Google in relevant searches. Due to the target market (USA) special actions were taken for optimal speed and operation in that country.


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