Online marketing

Online marketing


It's not just about the medium.
The strategy is what matters

In order to engage in online activity through your e-shop or make your business known in another online market, we need to define a clear goal together and an integrated plan for online advertising that you will be aware of from the beginning of its duration and what the advertising budget is for Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other appropriate online promotion channels that can help you.

Choose what suits your needs.

Advertising through Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

Social Media Management (Facebook,Instagram,TikTok)

Training on promoting businesses through LinkedIn.

Advertising on the Internet and Social Media

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

Once we define the goal of your business and the online advertising plan, we take care of designing, implementing, monitoring the budget and results, and optimizing online advertising campaigns exclusively for your business!

Facebook & Instagram

Online advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with pixels and specialized methods to make your business known and to sell online.

Google Ads

Online advertising campaigns on Google with keywords to achieve online sales (Search network), with banners on sites related to your business (Display network), and online advertising with Video, as well as a specialized network that will follow the user your site/eshop (remarketing).

TikTok Promotion

The Personalized TikTok Training covers a range of professionals who want to take their business to the next level! Business Executives in Marketing Departments, Local Retail Businesses, Service Providers (Doctors, Psychologists, etc.), E-Shops.

Give your business the boost it needs to stand out!

Social Media Management

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others are the trend in communication. These channels are a key point in the emotional connection between the product and the audience it addresses. With expertise in social media and corporate culture, as well as experience and knowledge in the field of communication on social networks, MEDUSA offers the following services:

  • Corporate communication strategy
  • Creation of contest and promotional actions concept
  • Corporate image management
  • Content creation
  • Organization and training of business through personalized seminars
  • Online reputation management (social monitoring)
  • Competition monitoring
  • Training executives and personnel in corporate communication on social media.


One-to-One TikTok Training Course

Κάνε το Νο1 Trend των Social Media να δουλεύει για σένα!