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User Experience Design

Websites, Mobile, & User Experience Design

User Experience Website Design is more than a skill for nice design. It is design and construction of a website aiming at a sales strategy. Based on the behavior of the user/visitor, it takes into account data analysis, goals of the Brand, needs of the end user, technologies (mobile or desktop) and aesthetics. It all comes down to a goal. To enrich the user’s navigation experience on the website and to end up where the user’s needs and desires of the business are connected.

The website of a company is its “showcase” on the Internet.

Each business is unique and is addressed to its own audience, with its own message, with its own products/services. That’s why the website of a business must stand out and highlight its best image.

Every project that concerns a website design or redesign of an existing one, we perceive it and for the best result work 4 different sections for a website.

  • Marketing Department
  • Department of Graphic Design
  • Copy-writing Department
  • Department of Development

With an experience of over 150 projects, we develop Web pages with emphasis on corporate image, marketing, functionality, ranking in Google and especially selling.

Planning the Future

The future of UX/UI (User Experience/User Experience) is complex and MEDUSA’s affiliated businesses wish to simplify it. We design websites that build modern brands and facilitate business-consumer relationships.

Our philosophy in UX (User Experience) is based on one principle: creating experiences people enjoy, shaping strong bonds between brands and their audience. The processes of MEDUSA always start with the user and through certain design strategies (UI Design), navigation (navigation), content, we create websites that help him in what he seeks, highlighting the “strong cards” of the Brand.